KK-085 10 mm Desert City in a Box

KK-085 10mm Desert City in a Box

Our second 'City in a Box', we thought we'd stick with Desert for now but switch scales, we've had a massive number of requests for 10 mm scenery, we always aim to please, so these are our first 10mm buildings. The set is huge and represents fantastic value for money.

  • The set comprises the following:-
  • 2 x KK-086 Large 2 storey Adobe
  • 2 x KK-087a Single Level Adobe Large
  • 2 x KK087b Single Level Adobe Small
  • 2 x KK088a Split Level Adobe Large
  • 2 x KK-088b Split Level Adobe Small
  • 2 x Additional Small Adobe
  • 1 x KK-089 Adobe Tower
  • 1 x KK-090 Mosque of Sidi Ben Ferdha

That's a total of 14 buildings (under £2 a building) for less the thirty quid you could have your own mini Jerusalem and Incase you didn't know it's free postage what you see is what you pay.

All the buildings are cast in high quality polyester resin and are supplied unpainted. Some of the buildings are supplied with separate roofs and require some minimal assembly.

Price £32.00 (set of14 buildings)